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Your new puppy will need to eat three times a day. We feed Kirkland chicken, rice and vegetable puppy food.   I do send some home with you that you can mix if you want to change to another food.  You will want to follow the directions on your bag. It should give you the amount as he grows. I would split it into several times a day until she is over 4 months then go to twice a day for the first year. I suggest keeping him on puppy food for 6 to 9 months.  You often hear to keep then on it for the first year, but that is not so for large breeds, as it can make them grow too fast causing some of the hip and bone problems you see in later years.

When you pick your puppy up I would recommend bringing  a crate for the ride home.  You will also want one as they do help with house training and protecting your baby when you cannot watch him.  She will come with a baby blanket which you can put in the crate that has been with his mom and siblings to help with the transition.    
You also want to get lots of chew toys.  I would invest in some good ones as you will find they will tear many up as they get older.  Remember these guys are teething and will use your shows or whatever they can find if you don't supply toys and chewies.  I don't use Greenies as they say they don't digest them all and can cause blockage. I would use C.E.T. chews and Bullies, or flavored nylon bones. My dogs have been taught that if is in their toy box it is for them.  My dogs love the Bullies. Again LOTS OF TOYS
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Getting ready for your new baby
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